war spannend, Mimikatz ist kein Fremdwort?

Im sucht das Team rund um technisch interessierte Verstärkung als Security-Analystin oder -Analyst für die Bereiche und .
Die Bewerbungsfrist endet am 07. Januar 2022 für diese Stellenausschreibung in der Laufbahn des höheren Diensts am Standort Bonn.


If saying causes the need to silence, hope less.

Simply unacceptable to be going splits, whacks and beasts, let alone sparking to justify their stupidity, and then coming wanting security analysts when shit hits the fan.

corrupt social engineering and all not to offend the jewish motherfuckers because sheeple.
Why is Germany sick orherwise?

Here is an analysis, why would Germans allow gringos with an agenda to “stop thinking” harass and manipulate with weaponized hunger after the gringos backdooring?

We can’t give me? Why?

Mothering a sickness and get sick.

Human rights? Dependency injections?

All assumptions from German companies refusing to employ.

Somehow sickening and corrupt to allow gringo smearing and slandering campaigns to be acceptable, and then this.
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